What Affects Auto Insurance Prices?

What Affects Auto Insurance Prices?

What Affects Auto Insurance Prices?

New drivers are often excited about the process of driving. The hassle of obtaining auto insurance, however, can paint a gray cloud over the picture perfect image of sitting in the driver’s seat. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to compare auto insurance quotes and find better rates.

Some websites allow potential customers to enter a zip code to get an instant insurance quote. These companies may offer discounts to switch from another auto insurance carrier. Some agencies have promotional codes on television that can be applied to new policies.

Before a driver prepares to compare auto insurance quotes they must know what affects auto insurance prices. A young driver, for example, will have a much higher rate than someone that is older and more experienced. This reason for this is primarily based on the inexperience of the driver. It costs more to insure a teenager because they are more likely to have an accident due to their inexperience behind the wheel.

Gender is another thing that affects auto insurance prices. People that compare auto insurance quotes will find slightly higher rates for men than they will find for women. This is based largely on statistics. Overall, women are reported to be safer drivers. Females are much more likely than males to wear seat belts. It has also been reported that men are more likely to exceed the speed limits. Factors like this have affected the rates that are provided in terms of gender.

The type of car that is driven also plays a big factor in determining the auto insurance costs. People that drive sports cars have some of the highest insurance rates. New cars in general are also subject to higher insurance costs.

The vehicles that are the least expensive to insure are the older vehicles. Lots of drivers prefer older cars for this reason alone. A car that has depreciated in value is cheaper to insure because the insurance company doesn’t pay out much when it is damaged. Older cars that get totaled, for example, are essentially a complete lost to the driver. The deductible that is paid on insurance claims is often more than the depreciated cost of the damaged vehicle.

Different scenarios equate to different costs, but insurance rates vary between carriers. Some insurance agencies may offer discounts for students with high GPAs. Others may have discounts that are available for multiple policies. Some companies even have discounted rates for government employees. Every carrier has something different to offer.