Does Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Dings And Cracks?

Does Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Dings And Cracks?

Does Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Dings And Cracks?

A broken or cracked windshield can be a hazard to anyone in the front seat of a vehicle.

The windshield is designed to protect the occupants of a vehicle and if it is compromised in any way, including hairline cracks, you are putting yourself at risk.

The integrity of the windshield is based upon the fact that the windshield is one piece without cracks that cause two pieces to shift. Pebble pits do not cause as much of a compromise as a crack does, but they too can start to be a problem. It does not take long for a hairline crack to start to spider web across the entire windshield.

Some states require your insurance company to replace a cracked windshield due to a broken windshield being a safety hazard. When the state requires replacement, this is done without requiring you to pay the deductible.

In the state of Florida, the statute requires this to be covered under your comprehensive policy without deductible. It only applies to the windshield.

In addition to Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina and Massachusetts are all considered a zero deductible state when it comes to windshield replacement. The states of Kentucky and South Carolina will replace all glass with a zero deductible, not just the windshield.

All other states leave the replacement of a cracked windshield up to you and your insurance company.

This may be a good reason to compare auto insurance quotes from several companies to find out what their policies are on windshield replacement, especially if you live in a state where windshields are commonly cracked or broken.

In states like Montana, the windshields are constantly cracked, pitted and broken due to rocks and sand used to get traction on snow during the winter. It is not unusual to see cars driving around with large cracks in their windshield.

Even the Montanans can get their windshields replaced or repaired by using their comprehensive insurance. This insurance covers any damage from anything other than a collision. The damage can come from rocks on the road or things that fall from the sky like hail.

If you do not have comprehensive insurance on your car and want to compare auto insurance quotes, it is very easy to do. You can check online or you can call your local agent or broker to get your auto insurance comparisons.