Why Does Auto Insurance For Men Often Cost More?

Why Does Auto Insurance For Men Often Cost More?

Why Does Auto Insurance For Men Often Cost More?

It’s no secret that men pay more for auto insurance than women, which is why drivers should compare auto insurance quotes. Differences in auto insurance costs have to do with the degrees of the claims filed by men versus women. Men’s age are factors for auto insurance rates, younger men with less experience are seen as a higher risk. Younger men have a connection to driving fast or taking on dares such as speed racing. Other distinctions between men and women drivers have set the standards for men’s auto insurance rates.


Both men and women have accidents but the type and seriousness of the accident varies between the two types of drivers. Men are thought to be more aggressive drivers, driving at high speeds, which can lead to a higher rate of accidents. The end result is much more damage to the vehicle leading to higher costs of insurance claims, good idea to compare auto insurance quotes for the best coverage. Women’s claims are much smaller ranging from minor damage such as fender benders, which are much lower in repair costs on claims. In some cases the repairs may be less than the insurance policy deductible amount.


Men tend to be involved in the three most serious of traffic violations such as driving under the influences (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) and the third is reckless driving. Reckless driving is a legal term to describe a disregard for the law such as running through a red light, speeding or other driving behavior endangering others. All three violations have serious consequences from fines, to license suspension or imprisonment; they are also the cause for men having higher auto insurance rates.


The types of vehicles driven by men are notably higher risks. They may cost more to repair or replace causing the auto insurance to be higher for men in comparison to women. Men driving sport vehicles or foreign performance automobiles need to compare auto insurance quotes.

Other Factors

Past history may be taken into account for auto insurance rates; all drivers should compare auto insurance quotes. Single men status versus married men can cause higher auto insurance rates, connected to the theory that married men are more responsible for their actions and aware of the costs. Men also drive more than women putting them on road for longer periods of time, adding to the increase chance of an accident. Past history of driving records have men with more traffic violations than women accounting for the higher auto rates.