Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Georgia

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Georgia

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Georgia

There is no “Secret Tip!” or “Mom’s Trick!” To get low cost auto insurance. There is a way to get the best value for the Georgia car insurance you need. No tricks involved, just compare auto insurance quotes. It’s that simple. Before you start you need to ask your self what coverage you really need.

Liability coverage:

Georgia car insurance minimum required by law:

Bodily Injury: 25,000/50,000

Property Damage 25,000

These limits represent maximum amounts your insurance will pay for an individual injury accident. The first number covers an individual person’s injury. The second is the total amount payable for all injuries in the same accident. Note: Your passengers are covered by the liability coverage.

The property damage amount is the maximum they pay for property damage in one accident. It could be a telephone pole, a house, or totaling a Mercedes.

Understand, liability coverage is to pay your liability for accidents or damage for which you are responsible. If it was someone else’ “fault”, your insurance will not want to pay. The company will only pay up to the liability limits you purchase. Anything over that limit is your responsibility. If you know Georgia limits and compare auto insurance quotes, that keeps someone from insisting higher amounts are required.

It is unlikely minimum Georgia car insurance will cover costs of a serious accident. If you are held liable, you are responsible for what is not covered. People generally prefer higher limits to protect their families and assets.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage is one of the best values. It covers you and your property for uninsured, hit and run, or accidents when clear liability was not determined.

Coverage for you:

Collision or physical damage coverage covers your vehicle. This may be required by a lender for a financed vehicle. If you own your vehicle, it can protect your investment. Deductibles, or excess payments, are cost sharing of damage to your vehicle.

There’s usually a minimum set by the insurer. You may select a higher amount for lower premiums. You’ll want to compare auto insurance quotes, for deductible information. Medical injury coverage covers you and other people driving the insured vehicle. Decide the options and limits you need. Option cost is one place to compare auto insurance quotes.

Other Options:

Do you want Fire and Theft coverage for your vehicle. Towing, or road service is usually cheaper here. Rental car reimbursement, only get this if you need it. Covering other family vehicles may get you a discount. What family drivers do you want covered.

When you have decided what you want and need, It’s time get the quotes for your Georgia car insurance.

Where do I look?

“Major Insurance Companies,” have offices and sales people. Although they use different company names for various types of coverage, they are only selling their own products.

“Independent Agents,” can represent any number of different companies. They compare auto insurance quotes but offer quotes from companies they represent. If you can buy the insurance here, they’re “Independent Agents.” If they represent many companies, including major carriers you could get viable quotes.

Free auto insurance quote services—not selling insurance—these get you the largest possible selection of companies for quotes. They get paid only referral fees. They may give you company information, or companies your information.

Additional note: after comparing quotes if you’ve selected a major company with local offices. Check out their representatives. The customer service may be better. Your rate will stay the same. If your agent owns the business, they might offer you a better discount.

Georgia Information:

  • Atlanta, Georgia, is third largest city in the US. It has over 500,000 population and many satellite communities.
  • Augusta, Georgia, has nearly 200,000 and doubles that in their trade area.
  • Columbus, Georgia, on the Alabama border has slightly under 200,000. But is combined with Phoenix City Alabama.
  • Macon, Georgia, shares a trade area with the Warner Robins, Air Base home. They have combined populations of 160,000 plus a 50 mile radius of trading communities.
  • Savannah, Georgia, boasts 140,000.They draw from the other barrier islands.