Can I Have Auto Insurance In Two States?

Can I Have Auto Insurance In Two States?

Can I Have Auto Insurance In Two States?

Each state requires their registered vehicles to have some sort of insurance or financial responsibility attached to it in order for it to be used on the roads.

However, what do you do if you live in two different states, or are on an extended leave in a different state than which you are registered?

You need to talk to your car insurance agent and the states in question. Your car insurance agent will be the best source of information regarding whether or not you need to change your insurance company. You will probably not get two policies.

Some states have time limits for part-time residents and the state may require you to register your vehicle in that state if you have been there over 30 days, or if you have gone to work at a business in that state. The state may also require you to get a driver’s license for that state.

If the state is going to require you to register and get a license in their state, you are going to need to insure your vehicle in that state as well. Your car insurance rates are based on where your vehicle is garaged.

Short-term residents or those on short-term visits may not need to do anything. You are covered no matter where you are driving in the United States. Your car insurance is in effect for any state that you may have an accident.

Things to consider when deciding on whether you need to change your insurance are how long you have been in the state and how long are you staying in the state, whether you are working there, or if you are now declaring residency in a new state.

Each of these things needs to be discussed with your current car insurance agent in order to make a legal determination. If you do not disclose to your agent that you have relocated, no matter for how long, you may be guilty of giving fraudulent information. This can result in the rejection of a claim if you are in an accident or even make you subject to legal action.

If you are in a different state part-time, you might do well to compare auto insurance quotes to see if the new state is cheaper. Comparing the two states may make a big difference in the auto insurance comparison quotes you receive.

The quotes between the states of Florida and Montana may be extremely different. By comparing auto insurance quotes from different companies and your current insurance, you may find that changing insurance to a new state might save you money.