Do You Need A Car Insurance Agent?

Do You Need A Car Insurance Agent?

Do You Need A Car Insurance Agent?

The internet has changed the way we do many things in our lives and this doesn’t appear to be changing at any point in the near future. Car insurance has been affected by the internet about as much as any other business and this is being felt by car insurance agents. Much of what agents do was eliminated when the internet offered free auto insurance quotes online and the ability to file a claim online. However, agents can offer you some service that you may not get without an agent.

There is no clear answer to if you need a car insurance agent, but you may be able to decide after you read what is listed below. Here are a few things to consider about getting a car insurance agent.

Service is #1

What car insurance agents have offered for decades is the service of having someone on your side when it comes to a claim situation. Instead of worrying about the rigmarole involved with filing a claim and seeing it through to conclusion you had the support of an agent to help get you through. Much of this has changed with the internet.

“Agents were once the face of the car insurance company to the consumers, but much of this has now changed,” said Tommy Carlson, an Ohio-based car insurance agent. “Consumers rely on the branding on the company’s website and it’s ease of use to decide if they want to use the company or not. Much of the service has been taken away from the agent.”

Instead of agents guiding their customers through a claim the customer simply has to log on and check the status of the claim on their own. For some people this is too impersonal, to others this is a great way to avoid having to deal with someone or a car insurance agent’s office.

Quotes are at Your Fingertips

There was a time when getting a car insurance quote was only possible by calling an insurance agent or stepping into their office. Now, you can get several quotes online in a matter of an hour and you can compare their services and prices. Instead of wasting so much time and money you can make a decision online in no time.

The downside to not having a car insurance agent help you through the process of getting a quote is that you don’t have their expertise to guide you through the purchase. Not everyone knows what the car insurance coverage options are and will end up getting subpar coverage options for too much money. Buying online is definitely quicker and easier, but you will want to educate yourself on the necessary coverage options before you do so.

Prices are Automatically Lower

Prices are Automatically Lower

When you buy car insurance online you have to realize that you are immediately saving money versus walking into an agent’s office to buy insurance. Think of it this way. What is the overhead to the company for placing one agent in a nice, big office? What is the overhead to the company for placing hundreds of agents into one large call center, sharing supplies? The company’s savings are passed on to you.

That may sound like a sales ploy, but it really is the truth. Studies have shown over the years that the number one factor to buying a car insurance policy is price. If you can offer a cheaper premium, the customers will come in and buy willingly. However, not everyone likes the idea of the faceless agent.

Because people are so familiar with having an agent face-to-face to help with issues they don’t want to let go of that accountability feature. Instead, they will gladly pay more to have someone to call and complain to if something goes wrong.

You Must Make the Call

If you are in the market to get car insurance you must make the decision to get a car insurance agent or not. The fact of the matter is this, you don’t have too much money to spend or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. If you are looking to save money you cannot afford to pay extra on car insurance simply to have an exclusive agent.

Log on to the internet and take the time to get several car insurance quotes so that you can compare coverage options and prices in a fair and equitable way. There is no secret potion or mathematical equation that will tell you the time to have an agent versus the time to not have one. The simple fact is that you will pay more to have an exclusive agent.

What you need to do is get on the internet now and compare as many quotes as you can in your direct area. Once you find the right one, stick with it!