Who Needs To Be Listed On Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Who Needs To Be Listed On Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Who Needs To Be Listed On Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you let a friend drive your car are they covered if they get into an accident on your auto insurance? How about your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend? The simple answer is most people who drive your car are covered.

The usual rule of thumb is that if someone is not required to be listed as a driver on your policy they are covered. If they are required to be listed and are not listed they would not be covered. So it is important to know which people fall into which category.

One of those groups is people related or not related to you who live in your house. If you have a friend or significant other that lives in your house and has access to your car they should really be listed as a driver on your policy. Even if they do not drive your car very often if they were to drive it and get in an accident and are not listed there is a good chance you will not be covered and liable for all of the expenses associated with it.

Teenage drivers also need to be listed on your policy. If your child is going to be gone for a while to camp or school or visiting family you can remove them from your policy while they are gone to save on premiums. If they are in the house though make sure they are covered you never know when a quick trip to the store can lead to an accident so better safe than sorry.

Some people are going to be required to be excluded by your insurance company. This usually includes people who have bad driving records or driving felonies such as DUI’s. If your insurance company asks you to exclude a driver you should never let them behind the wheel of your car because if there is an accident your liabilities could be huge.

If you are in doubt about whether a particular person should be listed on your car insurance or not the best thing to do is check with your insurance carrier. When there is a doubt it is always best to list the driver to make sure you are covered then to take a chance.

Another great tip as tedious as it may seem is that you should really always read your insurance policy when you renew it or get new policy. Understanding your risks and liabilities completely is the best way to avoid making a very costly mistake.

Most people are complacent and just renew their insurance every 6 months while never reading a policies or comparing rates. This is a bad idea because you not only don’t really know your legal responsibilities but you could also be paying much more than you need to for auto insurance.

So read your policy, know the laws in your state and always compare auto insurance quotes every time your policy is up for renewal.