Is Your New Car Going To Cost You In Auto Insurance?

Is Your New Car Going To Cost You In Auto Insurance?

Is Your New Car Going To Cost You In Auto Insurance?

When you don’t work in the field of auto insurance it can sometimes be very difficult to understand what makes your coverage so expensive. Many different variables will be considered by your auto insurance company, from your credit history to the distance you travel each day. Along with this criteria an auto insurance company will also consider the type of vehicle that you are intending on having insured. Different cars, specifically different types of cars, will cost more to insure than others, that’s why smart shoppers compare free online car insurance quotes first.

While considering this process you must remember that this is not an arbitrary reason in which an insurer decides that they like one type of car over another. Instead, there are statistics that support some cars getting into more accidents than others. In addition, it costs more money to repair some more expensive kinds of cars than other less expensive cars. So, what cars do cost you more money to insure?

The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

It should come as no surprise that the most expensive cars to insure are sports cars or convertible coups that allow for fast acceleration. You can see the immediate concern of an insurance company as these cars almost invite you to drive recklessly so you can enjoy the full value of your investment. Beyond this, the parts in sports cars are not cheap and someone is going to have to pay for that, likely the insurance company.

Here are five of the biggest culprits of expensive insurance premiums:

  • Mercedes SL65 AMG: A very sporty two-door convertible.
  • BMW 750i: Four-door sedan hybrid, another expensive vehicle to repair.
  • BMW 750Li: Again, a four-door sedan hybrid, see another trend?
  • Mercedes SL63 AMG: A two-door convertible, again.
  • Mercedes S65 AMG: Four-door sedan turbo (not a word that makes insurance companies feel comfortable)

The Least Expensive Cars to Insure

Now for the opposite of the most expensive cars, the least expensive cars are more family-type vehicles. Your minivans and larger SUVs tend to be cheaper because they are driven by more conscious drivers and are riddled with safety features. Instead of trying to see who you can outrun on the interstate you are going to see how you can be safe and just “get there” in these cars. This makes insurance companies comfortable and the parts are not overly expensive to fix.

The least expensive cars to insure, specifically, are as follows:

  • Chrysler Town and Country: Arguably the most popular minivan lends itself to safety and comfort.
  • Toyota Sienna 4 Cylinder: One of two of this variation of minivan on the list.
  • Toyota Sienna LE: This five door wagon will also be relatively cheap for you to insure and will have plenty of safety features.
  • Honda Odyssey LX: Honda is one of the gold-standards of cheap and safe.
  • Nissan Murano SL: This sports utility is safe and easy to use in any situation.

What to Pay Attention to for Auto Insurance Savings

What to Pay Attention to for Auto Insurance Savings

Ultimately, you should be aware that your vehicle is going to be judged for its safety, specifications and cost of repair. The safety is important to the insurance company because injury claims are more expensive than any other type of claim. Medical insurance costs are out of control and will cause your premiums to go up if you have an injury claim.

The specifications, meaning what your vehicle is designed to do, are important because it can tell the insurance company something about what you intend to do with the vehicle. You are likely not going to buy a sports car to do sensible driving to and from work and you are not likely going to buy a minivan for racing or pleasure driving. Think about what your car purchase says to be able to make the most cost-conscious decision.

Finally, the cost of repair has a lot to do with your premiums because the more the insurance company has to pay, the more you will have to pay. If your car doesn’t cost much to repair, your collision premium will be rather low, if it does cost a lot you will have to pay more to make up for it.

Obviously, there are other reasons to buy a car and lower auto insurance rates shouldn’t steer you to make the decision on its own. However, the more you can save on your auto insurance is the more you can put towards a new car payment, meaning you can pay a little more for a nicer model of your purchase. The biggest key to getting the best deal on your auto insurance is to shop around and get as many quotes as possible. The more quotes you get, the more likely you are to find the best and most affordable one for your situation.