What Happens if I Provide Fake Proof of Insurance?

What Happens if I Provide Fake Proof of Insurance?

What Happens if I Provide Fake Proof of Insurance?

When it is so easy to compare auto insurance quotes and to get a cheap car insurance premium, it would seem that people would no longer use fake proof of car insurance because they would be able to afford insurance. Auto insurance comparison is easy and with all the companies competing for your business, insurance has become more affordable.

Unless your driving history and your credit history is in bad shape, insurance rates can be very reasonable.

Using a fake proof of insurance may have been a lot easier 20 years ago when the Department of Motor Vehicles, the insurance companies and law enforcement did not communicate in the way that they do now.

When you no longer have car insurance, one of the things done during cancellation process is communication with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This not only informs the driver’s license bureau, but also alerts the registration department if that is separate from your driver’s license bureau.

By alerting the state, if you were to try to renew your registration without insurance or by using old information, the department would reject the renewal until you could prove proof of insurance.

Just like any other official document, there is always someone willing to forge a proof of insurance for you and take payment for the documentation. Since some states are not set up for immediate confirmation of insurance by law enforcement, the fake insurance proof can work until law enforcement has a chance to check the insurance.

Falsifying insurance during a traffic stop can cost you more money than if you purchased the insurance to start with.

If you are ticketed for no insurance in Glenn County, California, you can go to court and be assessed a fine, in addition to being required to purchase car insurance. The fine can be divided up into monthly installments if the defendant declares that the purchase of both the insurance and the fine create a financial hardship. Should the defendant not pay the fine, they may find themselves named in a warrant for arrest for failure to obey the court order.

Some states have fines up to $500 for failure to carry proof of insurance or for providing a false proof of insurance. The state of Michigan can fine you up to $1,000 or you can spend a year in jail.

By carrying fake proof of insurance, you are considered an uninsured motorist and subject to the laws and penalties associated with that charge in your state.

It will not be long before all the states are interconnected and the law enforcement at traffic stops in California can access insurance records in Delaware. While there are still a few states that are not up to speed yet with the technology needed to be in the database, most states are included.

This makes even the idea of having a fake proof of insurance obsolete.

The cost of faking an insurance card is more expensive than simply comparing car insurance rates and buying a cheap car insurance policy.

There are many affordable insurance options available to you, both online and in person at a local agent’s office.

If you feel that one quote is too high, then it is very easy to compare auto insurance quotes with several companies. You can get the best auto insurance comparison by comparing both online and independent brokers and agents.

You might find that the cheapest rate is not with a large online company, but with your local independent broker.

No matter how you compare auto insurance quotes, the cost of a car insurance premium is a lot less than the penalties and fines you would pay for carrying a fake proof of car insurance card.