Auto Insurance San Antonio Texas

Auto Insurance San Antonio Texas

Auto Insurance San Antonio Texas

Home of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, houses over 1 million people, which is up 20 percent from the census in 2000. Females make up 51 percent of the population, which may help keep car insurance rates down since women are statistically better drivers than men are.

The average home is over $100,000 and average income is $42,000, which puts it close to the average income of $48,000 for the entire state of Texas.

San Antonio is also the home of five military bases, with another one just outside the city limits. A strong military presence can have a good effect on the insurance rates in the area as many personnel are given group discounts for their car insurance. By a large portion of the population being part of the military, the average rate throughout the area will be lower.

This lower average will help keep non-military insured at a lower rate, even though the population of the area is over 1 million.

According to statistics, San Antonio is one of the most flood prone areas in the United States, and these floods have nothing to do with tropical disturbance or hurricanes. With a high incident record of devastating floods, you can expect your comprehensive auto insurance to have a higher than average cost. Your premium will reflect the average claims paid for flood damage in that area if you garage your car in San Antonio.

If you are not garaged in San Antonio, you should make sure insurance companies are aware of that fact when you call and compare auto insurance quotes. Your quotes should be based on where you are garaged, not where you work. Likewise, if you are military, make sure that you request auto insurance comparison quotes with companies that understand military lifestyle and driving habits.

Since it is home to the Alamo, San Antonio has more than its fair share of tourists driving among the rest of the population. Just like any other tourist area, this can cause the accident rates to increase simply because people are lost and distracted when they are trying to find tourist destinations. While they may be minor fender benders, these accidents can count against the area as a whole when insurance rates are calculated.

San Antonio is not a sprawling city; it holds jurisdiction over annexation and is very aggressive in keeping unincorporated lands surrounding it controlled. The city is cautious about uncontrolled growth and keeps tight control over transportation to and from the city.

San Antonio boasts a hybrid bus system, combining diesel with electricity, which services downtown offering daily commuters a convenient way to work. This takes cars off the roads, keeps emissions down and reduces the accident rates for the city. All of these steps are positive in keeping the cost of car insurance rates down.

If you are currently driving to work downtown, call your car insurance company and get comparison auto insurance quotes on what savings you would have if your took the bus system to work each day. You would be saving on mileage and cutting emissions out of the air surrounding San Antonio.