Texas Auto Insurance Quotes

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes

There are eight components of auto insurance offered under Texas car insurance policies. All components of coverage except liability are optional. Before making your decision on which insurance components you want to purchase compare auto insurance quotes to determine where the best pricing is offered. Pay careful attention to the quotes to make sure that the amount of coverage is the same from all providers. We’ve created a guide to cheap car insurance in texas that will help you decide which changes to your insurance policy will yield the best savings.

Texas is the home of 25.7 million people, which makes it the second largest population in the United States. Many of those 25.7 million people are on the roadways.

The state of Texas requires drivers to carry auto insurance and be responsible for any accidents that they cause. The department of insurance in the state of Texas has determined that possibly 20 percent of drivers in Texas are uninsured.

Texas state law requires any registered vehicle to be covered, at minimum, with a liability insurance policy. The state minimum limits are currently 30/60/25 according to the state of Texas website.

This means that you need to carry $30,000 per person liability, with a $60,000 maximum per incident. This coverage will take care of any injured party up to $30,000 per person as long as the total does not exceed $60,000.

If any accident liability exceeds these amounts, such as the cost of a hospital stay or rehabilitation, you will be responsible for the difference if you are found to be at fault for an accident.

The cost of an ambulance trip in Houston, as of 2010, started at $415 and billed $7.50 per mile thereafter. The City Council has considered doubling this fee in order to bring revenues in line with the expenses of operating the service. You can see how things like this can easily add up to your liability limits.

The minimum coverage for property damage is $25,000 and that property can include fences, light poles or other vehicles. If the average cost of a new car is $28,000, then you may come up short in your coverage limits.

If you are only carrying the minimum car insurance in order to meet Texas law, you might consider comparing auto insurance quotes with other companies along with your own. The comparison of auto insurance quotes may save you money in the end.

If you are driving without insurance in the state of Texas, the minimum penalty will be a fine starting at $175. This fine can reach as high as $350 for the first offense. Subsequent failures to provide proof of insurance can reach $1,000 in fines and the impounding of your car for 180 days.

If you are going to compare auto insurance quotes, you may want to get a copy of your driving record for Texas. This record can be obtained online at the Department of Public Safety for the state of Texas, which allows you to print it directly from the website for a nominal fee. This report will give you a three-year history of all tickets and accidents on your record.