Does Running A Toll Booth Affect My Insurance?

Does Running A Toll Booth Affect My Insurance?

Does Running A Toll Booth Affect My Insurance?

It may seem silly to slow down just to toss a couple quarters into the bucket on an unmanned tollbooth and it may it be easy to brush it off as no one will ever find out that you blew past a toll.

That might have been true years back, but with today’s infiltration of cameras, those booths are technically not unmanned. They are equipped with cameras that are there to snap photos of booth runners.

In Florida, the tollbooths are electronically monitored with sensors and cameras. If you use the SunPass lane and fly through the booth without having a current SunPass attached to your dash, you can bet that the photo is being snapped and the ticket will beat you home.

SunPass is a prepaid toll device used by commuters who are given the opportunity to drive straight through while the toll is deducted from their electronic device.

If you should ignore the toll in Florida, your fine starts at $100 and you get to pay court costs on top of that. To make you understand that you need to pay the toll, the state also has the option to suspend your driver’s license and registration.

Toll roads have been in existence since the first roads were built and even the Greeks collected a toll on travelers.

The tolls are collected to maintain the road and to pay for law enforcement or emergency personnel. Unlike interstates, toll roads are not maintained by the federal government and are the property of the state so they are state maintained.

Unpaid toll tickets can affect your insurance rates. Since your insurance is calculated based on your driving history, a suspended driver’s license due to an unpaid toll ticket will cost you more in your insurance rates.

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